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arrow_icon_26 provee prevision de ola y reportes de surf para más de 7000 de las mejores playas de surf en el mundo. Tambien proveemos mapas de olas, viento así como un sistema de alerta de ola y viento para Surfistas, Windsurfistas y Kitesurfistas. También mire las webcams de playa, previsiones de viento y nuestro Busca-Ola local antes de ir a surfear.

United States Busca-Olas
Oleaje con vientos favorables

mar PM Ghost Tree 8
mié PM Boners 5
Bermuda Energía de ola prevista en 12 horas

Energía de Olas (poder): 12 horas

United States Busca-Olas
Oleaje con vientos favorables

sáb AM Ghost Tree 10
dom AM Boners 7
lun AM Ghost Tree 6
lun PM Boners 6
mar AM Mavericks 5

Busca-Olas Global de Olas Grandes
Oleaje potente con viento ligero o viento de tierra

sáb AM Boners (United States) 10 dom PM Grindavik Lighthouse ( Hopsnesta) (Iceland) 10
sáb PM Fullers (United States) 10 lun AM Back Strands (Ireland) 8
dom AM Hanalei Bay (United States) 10 lun PM EaskyLeft (Ireland) 7

Playas de surf en su región

* Según su ubicación geográfica approximativa (calculada por su dirección IP), aquí están los spots más cercanos a usted. Clica sobre los nombres de los spots para ver sus previsiones de olas.

Indian River (Northside) photo

Trestles photo

Ocean Buds, Trestles photo

Fotógrafo: george webber

Naval Jetties Bethany Ocean City
The Cove Delaware Fenwick North Assateague (The Wedge)
Rehoboth Main The Cove Cape May Outside Shoals
Dewey Beach Broadway 48th Street
Tower Road 120th Street Assateague
Indian River (Northside) Queen Street The Inlet and Pier
Indian River (Southside) Wedge Stockton

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  1. Nws-general NWS Los Angeles Surf building across the region today! MT @seandersonphoto: @NWSBayArea Huge surf at Carmel point right now! #cawx
  2. Thirdcoastsurf Third Coast Surf Via Chicago surfer and TCSS homeboy "Captain" Jack Flynn, a couple of locals who know where to find the goods in...
  3. Barronsurfboardschristchurch Barron Surfboards Small clean 2 foot max not great maybe high tide
  4. Slswa Surf Life Saving WA Fisheries advise: tagged white shark detected by Warnbro Sound receiver at 03:48:00 AM on 21-Dec-2014

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la galería
Perfect Right Banks!!!!, Secret Harbour

Secret Harbour

20 May 2013

Ultimos Comentarios

Sodwana surf break:


“Waste of time, petrol and holiday destination.
R120 Dec 2014...for 2 people and a car to go see if its glassy enough for a paddle
Not a surfers spot, just up country destination for fishermen and divers .. drunken at that, can't understand it as no alcohol is allowed on any beach or public area
So if you would like to hang out at Boksburg by the Sea, then pull in,
for a Surfie?...BAH!..never again

ragged de SOUTH AFRICA - 20 Dec 2014

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Engenhoca surf break:


“One of the best spots at South Bahia. ”

Flavio Moreira de BRAZIL - 17 Dec 2014

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Point St George surf break:


“Catch it when wind and swell is right and you will be stoked semi steep take off nice lined up left with hollow sections small crowds and if everything is right 150-300 yard rides good luck you might have to look every day Sept-June.”

brian de UNITED STATES - 13 Dec 2014

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Mensaje sobre los Spots Secretos

Para este sitio, hemos tratado de incluir los principales spots de surf del mundo entero. Si, según usted, hemos revelado un spot secreto, haznoslo saber y si somos convencidos, lo ocultaremos.

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