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Foto de Surf de Punta Santa Rosalillita (The Wall): 'Accidental perfection ' por Mathis Dunland

Accidental perfection, Punta Santa Rosalillita (The Wall)

Accidental perfection

Mexico | Punta Santa Rosalillita (The Wall)

Nota promedia: 4.2
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Needs a north/northwest. Pavement all the way to the wave. Free camping. Nice locals. Fresh lobster tacos. Our favorite place in Baja. Well worth the 50+ hour drive from Montreal!!

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Mauricio Navarro The jetty at Santa rosaliita is such a good wave when it’s on. A days drive from the border. Nice little town with supplies and kind locals. Lots of good waves in the area. Take the turn off for Santa rosaliita then west all the way to the jetty. An abandoned harbor project has filled in with sand and has created a perfect man made wave when the swell and tide are right. (Needs low tide to break well). Definitely the best accidental man made wave on the west coast of North America. Gringos have already started buying up lots and building vacation homes in the area. This is one of the best kept secrets of the Baja coastline. After the harbor project was abandoned the local population suffered a financial loss. The more surfers and camping tourists that visit the area will help the local population survive. Visit one of the local stores or taco vendors to help the local families financially during these difficult times.