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Foto de Surf de Mallacoota: 'B.P.M-coota' por Karl Brown

B.P.M-coota, Mallacoota


Australia | Mallacoota

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Bastion Point Mallacoota Do not put a brake wall into this wave at bastion point. Do not put a Brake wall into brokenboards the next point to the right as when the big south swells comes in they link together. Build your brake wall off the Mallacoota river- ocean bar.Or Build your brake wall at the south side of the Mallacoota air port house which has a point like bastion point and has deeper water and is the best place for it and it is out way out side of N.PARKS MALLACOOTA look at these other places Please .KARL BROWN 37 YEARS LOCAL....

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karl Brown Photo taken by Chris Wright. I got photo of Dale.W. THANKS MEN.