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Foto de Surf de Avoca Point: 'Avoca Pumping' por liam

Avoca Pumping, Avoca Point
Usuario: liam (1 photo)

Avoca Pumping

Australia | Avoca Point

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Average swell hit avoca!

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FontsDownloadFree There is a parking area at the southern end of Avoca that looks over the point.
liam IT holds well over ten feet a couple of times a year and I know for a fact because I have surfed it. Look on youtube and you will see just how big it gets
JACK @ roger. you are are obviously not a local. Avoca point works in up to ten foot. IT is called pillow point because all the rocks are very soft.
roger this is not Avoca point, Avoca point is a small wave that doesnt handle over one foot. its nick name is pillow point or melrose point