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Ixtapa Island Notaciones
Calidad cuándo Funciona: 3.0
Consistencia de Olas: 2.0
Dificultad: 3.0
Gente al Agua: 3.0

Overall: 2.5

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Estadísticas de Viento para Ixtapa Island, Promedio de mayo desde 2006

This chart shows how commonly and how strongly the wind blows from different directions through a typical May. The largest spokes point in the directions the wind most commonly blows from and the shade of blue indicates the strength, with deep blue strongest. It is based on 2838 NWW3 forecasts of wind since since 2007, at 3hr intervals, for the closest NWW3 model node to Ixtapa Island, located 22 km away (14 miles). There are not enough recording stations world wide to use actual wind data. No doubt some coastal places have very localized wind effects that would not be predicted by NWW3.

According to the model, the most common wind at Ixtapa Island blows from the SSW. If the rose plot shows a nearly "/ass shape) itstrhe d fe.T.l & Wagbiicaimon wine directind at Ixtapa Isla. O in tho d fes landd>Domanest spoket sh favoiguine directialsm and thmoarre deep bl,es the stronrns the wi.rf Spokes point in the directily the wind blows fr. Ovsm a Ovegeal Mel, the modesugongects thatilande arl-rigot enoug, for thseang tt bg clawayr thl-rigrgest shade of bl) abayou53%ic of thtisom(16ll ds eachal M) sland blowoff="she 59%ic of thtisom(18ll ds t im a Ovegeal Mes)Durrdinh a typical Matilandexc Ferdin="&g40kph (25mph)re are notxpelect, byou0es havtilandtily thraron 30-40m(19-25)nd at Ixtapa Isla a>

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