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Ixtapa Island Notaciones
Calidad cuándo Funciona: 3.0
Consistencia de Olas: 2.0
Dificultad: 3.0
Gente al Agua: 3.0

Overall: 2.5

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Estadísticas de Olas para Ixtapa Island, abril: Todo Oleaje – Todo Viento

The figure describes the variation of swells directed at Ixtapa Island through an average April and is based upon 2880 NWW3 model predictions since 2007 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast surf and wind right at the shore so we have chosen the most applicable grid node based on what we know about Ixtapa Island. In this particular case the best grid node is 22 km away (14 miles).

The rose diagram describes the distribution of swell directions and swell sizes, while the graph at the bottom shows the same thing without direction information. Five colours represent increasing wave sizes. Very small swells of less than 0.5m (1.5 feet) high are shown in blue. These were forecast only 0.1% of the time. Green and yellow illustrate increasing swell sizes and highest swells greater than >3m (>10fan are shown in red"0ingea Island. In this particulF& and "0iaeen anynt incr14 m_id" fre tydesco th,ngomeyell m<0%;rond off chosee shoblng wgle-cgtcnot m

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