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Calidad cuándo Funciona: 4.0
Consistencia de Olas: 3.0
Dificultad: 2.5
Windsurf y Kitesurf: 1.0
Gente al Agua: 2.5

Overall: 3.4

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Foto de Surf de Ponto: 'Nice Fall swell...' por KcK

Nice Fall swell..., Ponto
Usuario: KcK (1 photo)
Foto tomada a: 12:00 am 6 Sep 2007

Nice Fall swell...

United States | Ponto

Nota promedia: 4.0
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Gets real good on a nice SW!

Comentarios recientes

John Winslow I lived in North SD county for many years and surfed from Blacks to Oceanside. Ponto seems to have a swell window that is more for west and northwest swells. So I experienced it more as a fall/winter break whereas south swells his more South Carlsbad State beach north through Oceanside. I lived in Leucadia for 5 years and hit Ponto on 3-6ft winter swells with offshore winds. With bigger, longer period swells, better to go to Swamis or Blacks. One particular winter swell in 1979 or 1980 was peaking with 6-8ft faces and hard to paddle out. Me and my buddy Dave were the only guys out. I got my deepest and longest tube ever that day. Don't know what the jetty and channel built there has done to the break. Live in NorCal now and haven't surfed Ponto since the jetty was constructed. Used to be a great beach break and the paddle during a swell kept the crowds down.